Getting Acquainted with FBBL

When the partners founded the Firm back in January 1984, their mission was to give small and medium-sized businesses access to the same fiscal expertise as the Big Eight accounting firms of the time. The founding partners had all spent several years working in the tax department of a large accounting firm and, owing to their extensive experience, FBBL has enjoyed sustained growth over the years, expanding its range of services, driven by the desire to cover all angles with regard to current and even anticipated needs for its entrepreneurial clients. The partners leading mission engagements can rely on support from a team of more than eighty professionals and technicians in accounting, audit, assurance, taxation, business valuation and litigation.

Our mission is to excel at all levels and to redefine excellence by a relentless desire to deliver on client expectations through advice and actions tailored to their needs, in a prompt manner, and at competitive rates. We also aim to ensure that all team members act with integrity, competence and commitment to quality.