Automobile Dealerships

The challenges facing companies in this sector are spawned both by local competition and global events that are beyond the control of the proprietors.

For example, globalization has had the effect of standardizing processes and streamlining the automotive industry to the point where fewer car models are available to a growing number of car owners, making the industry fiercely competitive.

Managing car dealerships calls for a dynamic approach focussed on customer satisfaction.

Over the years, our experts have become the trusted advisors of many entrepreneurs in this industry and have honed their expertise in the management, financing and acquisition of this type of business.

The FBBL Approach

Our experts have a good grasp of the context peculiar to the automotive industry, and can therefore proffer sage advice. They have insight into management operations that evolve within a market dominated by the major automakers. Our personalized approach and thorough knowledge of client-sensitive issues put us in a prime position to customize services that correspond to their needs. We take into account the growth phase of their business operations as well as their net profit ratio.

Specialized Services

  • Financing
  • Purchases and sales
  • Corporate taxation and commodity taxes
  • Management consulting, process optimization and budget forecasting