Holding Companies

Many individuals find it worthwhile to invest their money in several different asset categories brought together under just one holding company. Whether that money comes from the profits of a company where they are shareholders, or from the sale of a business or assets, this type of financial structure can provide advantageous tax planning strategies.

Once the holding company has been created, it is crucial to properly keep track of the various investments under management. By spreading investments across various fund managers that aim for different objectives, risk can be minimized.

To make the most of this strategy, the asset portfolio must be analyzed frequently to make sure it still fits in with your objectives, while allowing for sufficient security and growth. This is where we can advise our clients as to the optimal distribution of assets.

The FBBL Approach

The Firm has developed an individualized approach to offering advice to private investment shareholders. This integrated approach to tax planning allows FBBL specialists to advise you on structures and strategies that can minimize income tax impact, while promoting the growth of the portfolio, in keeping with your personal risk tolerance.

We understand the workings of private investments and are skilled in coordinating with the other managers of holding companies to give you the best service adapted to your needs and provide you with the tools to optimize your portfolio management.

Working with your broker, we can help you at every stage of the investment management cycle, from mobilizing capital to the management and realization of assets, including the selection of investments to suit your goals.

Specialized Services

  • Assurance
  • Financial planning
  • Advisory services in financial planning
  • Detailed accounting records to satisfy tax requirements
  • Taxation and structuring
  • Strategy and regular monitoring
  • Appraisal of investments