High-Tech Sector

Québec has plethora of innovating enterprises. Those employed in this sector face a number of financial challenges, even though the different levels of government have established tax credit programs to stimulate investment in R&D.

The main challenge is to establish one business plan per project, in order to control the rate of development and ensure costs do not exceed the potential profit margin of the project.

Meticulous monitoring can also ascertain the projects that appear to be the most worthwhile and allocate the resources necessary.

The FBBL Approach

Our team of experts can give you sound advice on how to maximize a positive impact on your company’s profitability and can help you hammer out a solid business plan. In doing so, it will direct you to all the applicable tax credits as well as providing you with performance indicators for your projects that will lead to adequate monitoring and the most suitable decisions.

FBBL’s tax team can help you structure some of the fiscal and financial elements based on the distinct features of your projects.

Specialized services

  • Funding strategies for high-tech research and development
  • Consulting services for building a business plan
  • Taxation