Useful Links

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Forms and Publications
Gives access to the latest versions of the forms used by the Canada Revenue Agency as well as a list of publications according to subject. CRA also offers a tax kit which includes the main forms required by individuals.

Previous Forms and Publications
For anyone wishing to file a tax return for a previous year, or modify a previously filed tax return, this link will give you the earlier versions of the various forms and their information guides.

Foreign Spin-Offs
This provides information on the foreign corporation reorganizations that result in spin-offs, and the various options available to Canadian residents who hold shares in foreign companies.

My Account for Individuals
Allows you to track your refund, check your benefit and credit payments as well as your RRSP limit, and set up direct deposit.

My Account (Quick Access without registering)
This link gives you immediate access to some of your information in My Account for Individuals, provided you correctly identify yourself. With Quick Access, you will be able to view your tax return status, RRSP deduction limit, tax-free savings account contribution room, and the status of your benefit payments, as well as request a remittance form.

My Business Account
This link gives business owners or their representatives on-line access to their GST/HST, payroll, corporation income tax, excise taxes and excise duties.

Prescribed Interest Rates
This details the interest rates prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency for each quarter, and the rates for the quarters of previous years.

Employment Insurance (EI) Premium Rates and Maximums
A link to the maximum insurable earnings and premium rates for each year since 1997.

Revenu Québec

Québec Income Tax Forms and Guides
Provides access to downloadable versions of the various Québec income tax forms for companies and individuals.

Québec Tax Forms and Guides
Provides access to downloadable versions of the various tax forms for Québec companies and individuals.

Interest Rates on Refunds
Lists the interest rates applicable to the tax refunds for each quarter since 1999.

Interest Rates on Debts
You may view a chart of the quarterly interest paid on loans by the Bank of Canada since 1999.

2014 Guide for Employers: Source Deductions and Contributions
Allows employers to learn about the various contributions (QPP, QPIP, HSF, LSC) regarding the source deductions and the employer contributions they must make via the Internet.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Québec’s SMB Portal
This Portal provides SMBs with various marketing, training, payroll and recruitment services, in addition to posting articles on SMB management in Québec.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
Provides information on various sources of funding available to support entrepreneurs, in addition to advice on the various aspects of running a business.

Investissement Québec
Presents the various investment programs offered to promote Québec enterprises, and provides information on various funding tools and other programs to support their development.

Registraire des entreprises du Québec (REQ)
This gives you various resources on business start-ups and lets you modify your business information. Several on-line services are also listed that deal with companies’ reporting obligations and access to the government business register and data files.

Professional Corporations

CPA Canada
Presents the profession of chartered accountants, the conditions for obtaining this professional title, and the services offered. Also publishes news about Canadian accounting standards.

Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (OCPA)
(Chartered Professional Accountants)
Provides information on access to the title of CPA and gives links to publications and news of the Order. The site also provides information on obligations of a CPA, disciplinary decisions brought against a member of the Order, and a search engine to locate members and their information.

Financial and Legal Information

Montreal Exchange (TMX)
Provides information on the various indices of the Montreal Exchange and their derivatives. The document also contains many statistics about the TMX, historical data and a description of the different options.

NASDAQ Stock Exchange
Provides data on the value of shares traded on the NASDAQ and real time prices, and information on the evolution of market activity over various periods. What is more, the site offers up tips for investors along with various resources.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Lists real-time information on the prices of the different stocks traded on the NYSE. Also gives information on the various indices and the investment certificates that may be purchased on the market.

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
Provides information on the various indices and their derivatives. The site also contains information on financial products and reports on market activity.

Bank of Canada
Includes information on the various financial markets and on Canada Savings Bonds.

Monthly Average Exchange Rate
Presents the monthly and annual averages of international exchange rates since 2012.

Statistics of the Bank of Canada
Gives the international exchange rates, interest rates in Canada, information on the CPI and other topics of Canadian monetary policy.

International Currency Converter
Allows you to convert the amount of your choice into different currencies with the daily updated rates.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
Here, you can look up a statute, judgment or any other public document submitted before a Canadian court.

Other On-Line Resources

Service Canada – Employment Insurance
Provides access to various Canadian government programs. Entrepreneurs will find resources to manage payroll, information on EI and on special hiring programs. For individuals, the site gives information on family benefits, student programs and assistance available to newcomers to Canada.

Service Canada – Forms
Provides access to a variety of forms: employment insurance, disability, international benefits, pension plans and old age security, employee protection, health and safety in the workplace, and more.

Pensions and Retirement
Provides information about pensions and benefits you may be eligible for and tools to help you plan for your retirement as soon as you start working.

Commission des normes du travail du Québec (Labour Standards Commission)
This gives you information on holidays and work absences, wages and paydays, on termination of employment, and other aspects of the worker-employer Relationship.

Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST)
(Occupational Health and Safety Commission)
Provides a variety of forms related to safety at work (refund applications, registration at CSST, claims, etc.). Employers will find information on compensation, their duties to comply with various safety standards and wage statements. Workers can gather information about their rights, obligations and procedures to be followed in case of an accident in the workplace.

Régie des rentes du Québec (Québec Pension Board)
Here, you can retrieve various forms and publications on Québec pension plans. The site also contains information on retirement savings plans, in particular, those accessible to SMEs. In addition, you can get information on the role of health professionals in the process to obtain disability benefits, and an income calculator for Life Income Funds annuities.

The Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights (RDPRM)
You may register your real or personal property on this site to publicly disclose it and also consult your previously recorded rights and responsibilities. This information is key when you become the administrator of an estate, when you want to know the marital status of an individual, or you want to make sure that a certain property is free from debt before making a purchase.