Business Valuation

The valuation of any business begins with a thorough grasp of its operations at all levels. To achieve this, a chartered business valuator must understand not only its distinctive features, but also the industry as a whole and the competition in order to properly assess the market value of your company.

Therefore, by observing your company’s evolution over time, our team will be in a position to evaluate its potential and the feasibility of your business plan in the short and the long term.

FBBL can help you at every stage of your acquisition, sale or reorganization. Calling upon outside assistance from an objective third party often makes for smoother and swifter negotiations among the stakeholders involved. What is more, FBBL’s expertise gives it a clear picture of both the broader market and your business operations.

The FBBL Approach

Owing to our track record in business valuation and an in-depth knowledge of a number of industries, FBBL’s team of experts are well-equipped to gauge the specifics of each client’s business. They will then determine a comprehensive diagnosis of the company.

Specialized Services

  • Transactional valuation
  • Value analysis for business successions
  • Assessment of intangible assets and cost allocation for acquisitions
  • Impairment test of goodwill for financial reporting
  • Expertise for legal proceedings in both commercial and family litigations
  • Business structuring, reorganization and optimization
  • Support for the purchase or sale of a business