Financial and Management Advisory Services

A company’s cash flow can actually be compared to the blood flow of a human being: proper care, or management, promotes good and healthy growth. For a company to flourish, its directors must be able to rely on experts who fully understand its everyday operations, its objectives and its future plans.

At every stage of its development and expansion, a company requires financing, both to support current operations and to penetrate new markets or expand its range of products and services. An array of financial instruments is available, each with its own risks and advantages. Our role as advisor is to see to it that our clients reach their objectives.

The FBBL Approach

FBBL has become a trusted advisor vis-à-vis our clients. We devise the planning tools to match their individual requirements and that give them sound cash flow management. Working with a company’s directors, FBBL can produce financial forecasts using a custom-made computer-based model. This approach creates indispensable management tools that convert your company’s different growth scenarios into tangible financial data.

Our team provides a wide assortment of financial instruments to guide the choices of business managers, while acknowledging individual strategic and business priorities. Our experts can also help develop financing projects or draw up business plans intended for lenders or investors wishing to acquire equities. At FBBL, we have all the necessary skills for preparing the financial sections of feasibility studies related to your expansion or acquisition projects.

Specialized Services

  • Analysis of financial ratios and recommendations
  • Special audit engagements (drawings, internal control, compliance with standards, regulations, and so on)
  • Locating of financing sources
  • Examination of financing proposals aligned with company objectives
  • Strategy coaching and business plan preparation